Friday, December 18, 2009

Monkey Beat Taekwondo Coach

Monkey beat taekwondo coachDo not be abusive toward animals will get the plague, the elders said. I do not know whether this guy this plague hit or not. A troop of monkeys who had rehearsed for the performance of the martial arts taekwondo revenge against him. Lo Wung (42 years), he taught the monkeys so they can entertain a crowd of people outside a shopping center on Nshi, Hubei Province, eastern China. However, the primates who brought the money to turn the tables Lo when he slipped on a show. A monkey without a second thought immediately hit the coach with a kick in the head.

Hu Leisure (32 years), viewers who photographed the incident, saying, "I saw a monkey punched right in his eyes, he (Lo Wung) to catch the others in his ear and was treated monkeys with the coach won his nose. They pranced and jumping up and down. Sscene is better than a Bruce Lee movie. " On one occasion, the coach encourages his staff (Wung Lu) to attack the monkeys. It just makes himself confronted with a monkey swinging and beat his head.

Wung Lu finally managed to control the monkeys by using a rope used to stop them while running away. Hu said, "He (the coach) is very upset, he made the monkeys were kneeling on the ground with hands tied back to punish and make them sorry for the bad attack".

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