Thursday, September 26, 2013

Motorola's New Office Near The Office BlackBerry

Who would have thought if Google employees exercising ice hockey . Only a few days after the BlackBerry ' vent ' about the misfortune that kept enveloped , Google announced that it has opened a new office in Waterloo , Canada .

As is known, the central dense clouds infest BlackBerry . Companies should bear the loss of up to USD 1 billion , laying off 4,500 employees , out of stock , and a cancellation showing off its financial statements .

Well , a new company established not far from the BlackBerry was officially annexed to the Motorola Google in August 2011 . Yes , Google is increasingly strengthening its foothold in the land of the ice Smithers after previously connected the old building with a fireman's pole that hung from the top floor down to taking care of Google Maps , Gmail , Chromebooks , and Google Calendar.

Motorola Office

Motorola 's new office will be located just inside the BlackBerry . According to the Financial Post , it only takes about 10 minutes distance of the new office is a short walk from the palace belongs to the BlackBerry .

This probably is not a coincidence . Could be the engineer who built the offices there deliberately chose locations considering the number of employees laid off by BlackBerry in order to cut expenses.

Well , Google likely wants to ' hijack ' the employees who had been sacked BlackBerry to work in his place . In addition, the city itself is stunning Waterloo increasingly be an attraction search engine giant to build a house there . How not , in the city of 500 startup born in 2012 .

" Waterloo and proliferation startup there is no escape from the presence of Research In Motion ( RIM ) - now renamed BlackBerry - , " said President and CEO of the Ontario Capital Growth Corporation John Marshall .

Obviously, if I see a lot of hidden talents and gifts to people in Waterloo who could potentially be recruited to produce something new in the future . Will this be another terror for BlackBerry ?

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