Friday, September 27, 2013

Apple Maps Mislead Driver to Landing Runway Airport

Airport runway , must be sterile from anything that could interfere with the process of taking off and landing of aircraft . You can imagine the consequences if there are motorists who stray into the airport and across the runway . But it was reported actually occurred at Fairbanks International Airport in Alaska , USA . The culprit was Apple Maps navigation software gives wrong directions so that the driver in question is misleading .

Instead of directing the driver to the airport parking lot , instead taxiway ( runway and court liaison aircraft ) intended . Motorists are confused then crossed the runway. In fact , that crossed the runway worn by riders stray Boeing 737 at the airport . Luckily, when he passed there was no plane that was trying to take off or landing .

Apple Maps

The BBC reported that the incident occurred on 6 September 2013 , and then repeated with the other driver involved in September 20 . Party had barricaded airport entry and contact Apple to immediately correct errors in the services .

" We asked them to turn off the guide that leads to Fairbanks . Better maps than just vacated happen again like this , " said the head of airport operations Fairbanks , Melissa Osborn . Apple then responded and states will do what is asked by Fairbanks . On 25 September last , Apple Maps is not willing to give directions to the airport .

Do not use common sense

Fairbanks airport assistant manager Angie Spear could not understand why the driver would've followed advice " inconsequential " Apple Maps without regard to common sense .

" They must insist once . Problem is , they have to go through the gate , then there are a lot of signs , lights , and warning markers along the way to reach 1 mile before reaching the runway, " said Spear .

" But yet they apparently do not care because it was following the directions on the iPhone , " she said again .

Since it was first introduced along with iOS 6 September last year , Apple Maps has drawn controversy because it contains errors . Before Fairbanks , has a lot of events because of the stray drivers follow the recommendation software .

In fact , the Australian police had issued a warning that Apple Maps " endanger lives " misled users following the six- person citizen 's in the middle of the desert due to road directions given Apple Maps.

CEO Tim Cook also had to apologize and advise users of Apple Maps switch using another application while it is trying to fix the map service .

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