Friday, February 25, 2011

Notification Light BlackBerry Considered Dangerous

Notification light, which usually flashes on the BlackBerry handset when receiving a message, it was considered dangerous. Especially for users of the vehicle. Why? Comments are leveled United States Senator Stephen Parry who want to change the notification light, the article was considered to be very disturbing concentration of motorists at night

Moreover, some members of the U.S. senate has experienced accidents caused by distracted by the presence of flashing lights from the device made by Research in Motion these. "The light was very dangerous at night," said Senator Stephen Parry, so I will ask the facility can be disabled for Blackberry users to have secure communications. I think it would cause an accident for a senator or member of another if it can not be repaired, "he explained.

After arguing that the department has the power to turn off the lights, Senator Stephen Parry told the inquiry it is a matter of urgency. "We do not want to go back to the next estimates and found that a senator or member of an accident because of a requirement a bit stupid," he said.

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