Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Mobile Chat WhatsApp Messenger

Nokia launched its latest smartphone messaging application service called WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp Messenger is one focus of the program Break Free. Break Free Program is a program that frees users of Nokia phones from the conventional ways of doing chat.

WhatsApp Messenger is a messaging application that uses a 3G smartphone or WiFi that can send and receive messages, images, voice notes, video messages, even the location of Ovi Maps, and the application is free downloaded from Ovi Store. This chat application free for download for 1 year, after it paid. But so could be free if the user has to subscribe.

WhatsApp Messenger application, user identity based on a phone number, instead of pin numbers. We do not need to request a pin number messenger id other users, even waiting to be approve. If this application is bundled with Nokia Unlimited package, consumers have choice and freedom to communicate in the way they want, without worrying about waste or phone bill.
This service is made not to compete with other brands, but rather look at the potential of our consumers who use Nokia mobile devices.

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