Sunday, April 10, 2011

Laptop from a Fighter Jet Material

What will happen to materials commonly used to make fighter jets used for a laptop? Samsung managed to make it happen. Samsung Electronics Indonesia introduced the Notebook Series 9, which claimed to use a material called Duralumin used to make fighter jets.

Duralumin material is 2 times stronger than regular aluminum. However, this material is much lighter than the material ever used for this notebook. Notebook Series 9 has a weight of 1.31 kg with a thickness of only 0.64 inches. With 13-inch screen size, no one if the notebook is in addition to light also comes with unique design and very elegant with a degree angle that is not broken.

Samsung which is known as the number one manufacturer of LCD panels in the world, also embedded in laptops that 75 percent of its components are produced by Samsung. The screen uses superkontras ratio (1300:1) who have lived 16 million colors, this does not include HD-LED Backlight technology Superbright Plus.

"In notebooks Series 9, Samsung launches three advantages offered, namely brightnes, Faster, and Longer. To brightnes, we are a leader in the production of LCD panels ensure the laptop is far more light than similar products," he said.

While faster, using a technology called FastStar, Felix said that the Series 9 comes with a 60 percent boting much faster. Well, for longer, in the portable computer is two times the battery resistance is much more durable than a laptop on the market.

"Because we have the technology capable of performing 1,000 times cyling or two times more than existing batteries. One time cyling own means, each of which was used until the battery runs out then dicash again," he said. This laptop uses an Intel Core i7 second generation. Memory and 126GB Solid State Drive as media storage. Because the level of that rivals phones to be thin MacBook Air, as well as an aerodynamic design with elegant touches.


  1. Will the government be as effective in containing health care costs as Pentagon in containing costs of jets?

  2. A great information about the making of a laptop... Thanks for it...


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