Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spam Filtering Service More Than 25 Billion

Service spam filter, Akismet, announced the latest achievement after 'capturing' spam to-25 billion. Akismet-party claims if they are detected at around 40 million spam comments per day. Figures sped away after December 2010 then they claim successfully detected 20.7 billion spam comments and pings.

In order to celebrate the achievement of it, Akismet create mini-sites that invite readers to learn of their services more accessible in

Akismet find some interesting facts from a total of 25 billion spam that managed their detection. They claim the spammer's busiest activity is on Fridays at 20:00 GMT. Instead, Sunday at 14:00 GMT is the time most active spammers.

Launched in 2005, seeks Akismet spam filter links from comments on blogs and trackback pings. Filtration is done by combining information about the spam that was detected on various blogs that participated, and then use it to block spam at a later date.

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