Friday, October 29, 2010

Reverend Yemen Sihura Died Leading to the Mentawai

The earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia's Mentawai Islands, claiming heavy casualties invite sympathy for all parties. This is an encouraging Reverend Yemen Sihura came to Mentawai to see the condition of the victims. Unfortunately, the journey before reaching the destination Reverend Yemen Sihura died of illness. Residents Islands North Pagai this reckless boat KMP Barau with pain conditions, because heard many victims in his village. But for Pastor Yemen Sihura illness not an obstacle despite noble intentions to help the victims is not accomplished because the trigger picked up dying.

Traveling team of volunteers and disaster relief Mentawa carrier is slightly hampered the ship passenger who died. on the way to the location of the earthquake and tsunami that is not easy. In addition to travel time-consuming long enough, is also confronted with severe terrain conditions, such as crossing the ocean at any time there are storms or high waves. This event also happened to other volunteer teams travel the transport logistics of disaster relief by using the ship KMP Barau.

Access to the Mentawai is still difficult to reach. More than 16 hours travel to reach the Padang with the Mentawai Islands from the KMP Barau boat ride from Port Bungus, Padang. When a big storm diperjalanan block the vessel. Meanwhile, the post-tsunami areas worst seen in the village of Munthe, District of North Pagai. High water was as high as 12 meters sweep the house and people living in the region. Based on data from the Center for Disaster Operations Control and West Sumatra until this morning the death toll reached 394 people. The victim lost recorded 312 victims, for victims of serious injuries recorded 267, and 142 slightly injured casualties

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