Friday, October 29, 2010

Merapi Volcano Activity Increases

Increased volcanic activity at Mount Merapi in central Java Indonesia re-occur. It was marked by increasing intensity discharge lava and hot clouds. Mount Merapi remained at the level of Caution. So that is estimated to still have a potential eruption continued to happen again. As is known, in early this morning, the clouds kept the heat down from the peak of Mount Merapi. Since at 00.00 pm, was recorded at least twice.

Meanwhile, the status of Merapi continued to be increased vigilance because of hotspots has been seen since last night. Officials also could not confirm whether lava dome has been formed or not because the visual view can not be done. For your information, since Friday morning has occurred at least 87 times as much lava, multiphase 53 times, an earthquake in 1 time, and the shallow earthquake 15 times.

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