Monday, December 27, 2010

Google Identification for the Site was Hijacked

Google has launched a new service that can notify users in search results if the site they will visit has been hijacked. This capability, which displays a warning that read 'This site May be compromised' quite different from Google's malware detection system that already exists. Previously, Google's detection system only gives a warning "This site May harm your computer ', if a site contains malware detected.

According to Google, this new service seeks to identify sites that have been hijacked by hackers. Google also said that the motives of the hackers is to take personal information of users or users who put spam links can be used to improve search results of the hacker's site, a tactic known as 'black hat' search engine optimization (SEO).

Maxim Weinstein, executive director of the StopBadware, warns that despite the new features that terbajak not open the site but there is still a possibility of failure will always be there. "The new features are identified the same basic mechanism of how a person may insert malware into a website," said Weinstein "The fundamental problem the Internet security problems can only lead one to the other problems,"

Weinstein added that this service helps the web browser is also the owner of the website. Google asks its users who, when seeing a warning notice to the webmaster, to immediately repair the damage.

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