Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hacker has to Break Two Thousand Computers

A 20-year-old man from Australia managed to break into about two thousand (2,000) computers in Australia and overseas. Anthony Scott Harrison, is also known to successfully dismantle some bank customers' confidential data. In his testimony in court, Anthony admitted, managed to learn the techniques from the internet. He also started its attacks since last year, but unfortunately he was caught by federal police.

Not only breaking into computer networks, he also modifies and sells software that allows other people to infect other computers. Their actions are breaking into computer networks, Anthony subjected to seven charges including four charges of modifying computer data can cause damage.

Legal advisor Anthony, John Edwards told the Court of South Australia revealed that his client had been obsessed and have been immersed in the cyber world of fantasy since the age of 14 years. In fact he never online up to 15 hours a day, in a hacking simulation game, Slave Hack. "Anthony never had any intention to create a large-scale criminal enterprise," said John Edwards.

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