Friday, December 10, 2010

Large Cars use the Rear Camera

The cars that are large will be required to install cameras in the back of their car later. This is to avoid the increase in car accidents in the United States. Department of Transportation in the United States was a deliberation on laws that regulate back rearview camera that features a standard feature alias feature mandatory for large cars, like SUVs, passenger cars and pick-up double cabin.

It is expected that this law will soon be resolved, so that by 2014, behind the camera became mandatory feature in all cars in the U.S.. "Through this legislation, we hope there will be no more accidents involving parents or guardians of children who hit the children who were playing while removing the car from the garage because they do not see the situation behind the car," said U.S. Transportation Department Secretary, Ray LaHoodm.

In the U.S., recording some 300 people died and 18,000 people a serious accident was backing away from a car crash. This incident occurred mostly in the parking lot and on the highway. About half of the total number of deaths are children under the age of five.

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  1. Rear camer is very important to keep us safe while driving. Withour rear camera, we might at risk due to unwanted accident in the road.


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