Saturday, September 17, 2011

Android Phones Specifically for Women

HTC's Android phone has just released the latest distinctive from other HTC smart phones. HTC phones this one is designed specifically for women. Although no official announcement from HTC, but it seems this phone will be dubbed the HTC Rhyme.HTC Inside leakage post photos of this phone is meant to be kept secret for the press by HTC. In addition, HTC cell phone just ask, named the 'Rhyme' to receive certification DLNA standard in the wireless industry.

While little new information has emerged, rumors previously stated that 'Bliss' is suggested to be distributed exclusively to Verizon. Though HTC is also popular among Sorint group. But the best-selling handset HTC possessed little is distributed exclusively to T-Mobile or AT&T.

What makes this phone attractive to women? That is a question that is being traced. However, white and silver design does look more feminine and suitable for women. HTC reportedly held a big press event in New York City on September 20 to launch a mobile phone. Perhaps there is detailed information about Rhyme HTC phones will be revealed.

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