Saturday, September 17, 2011

RIM Plans Give Discounts PlayBook

Sales of new tablets Research In Motion (RIM) is the PlayBook is not so good. Until the second quarter sales figures show that is not too good for RIM. Recent reports of announcing Q2 financial losses and disappointing sales of tablet Blacberry PlayBook in the second quarter. Until the second quarter of tablet devices from RIM just as much as 200 thousand units shipped.

The number above analyst estimates the company is far from capable of sending up to 490 thousand units. In order to boost sales and delivery become more successful, it is likely the company will conduct a new way with price cuts of PlayBook. But RIM is not going to cut the price of tablets directly. but by giving discounts to be given incentives through promotional programs and other offerings.

RIM does not officially issued a statement saying how much the discount will be given to their tablet device. In addition to announcing price cuts, RIM also confirmed the update software on display PlayBook like e-mail, calendar and contacts applications. Not only is it a video player and the Android application store that contains 10 thousand video content will also be released in October.

However, until now the RIM still has not told when the exact date of update on this PlayBook is really done.

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