Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Gift Brings the Death of a Child

London, a little boy was five years old died on the motor that is giving him father a Christmas present. Jake Wilson, a boy was trying to get out of the vehicle when he fell at high speed. Despite his young age, Jake was a motorcycle rider quadbikes similar four-wheel ATV, he has won several junior racing titles. However, he was never on a motorcycle. Him father is also a fan of bikes, Robert Wilson, had taken him to the parking lot on Sunday afternoon to practice to be able to ride two-wheeled machines. He saw Jake accident and has been interviewed by police.

A spokesman said he could not never been on a motorcycle engine like that on public roads. KTM 50 SX motorcycles made in Austria is described by the manufacturer as the ultimate weapon for a professional motocross racer beginners. This motor specifically designed for cross-country tracks and can reach up to 25 mph or 50 mph with a few adjustments. Wilson (37) and his wife, Tracey, had to pay dearly for their son who has a brother and sister. "Jake is our child care, but unfortunately short life." Wilson said. Very sad ending Christmas gift of death, this is a good lesson for us and do not give a gift that dangerous life-threatening especially our children.

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