Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Former Model Died because of Surgical Failure

Solange MagnanoAttracted because the body wants to maintain the beauty, just a former model died after surgery in certain parts of his body. She is a former Miss Argentina, Solange Magnano (38 years), who rushed to the hospital at the last moment after performing a cosmetic operation. Mother of two twins, died on Sunday after lung artery disturbed that she had to be in critical condition for three days in intensive care.

Close friend, who is also a fashion designer, Roberto Piazza, called the owner of this brown hair has been obsessed with her appearance as a successful model at the end of her career. "Solange was a young girl who has everything. She lived life like a goddess, but she still felt jealous of the world," he said. Now her's dead just because he wanted to have a tight body.

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