Thursday, November 19, 2009

Freedom of Communication through the Internet

Obama in China"I support the view that do not restrict the use of the Internet. The more we open, the more able we are to communicate, and it also will make the world unite." U.S. President Barack Obama said it in front of students at the China Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai. Among the schedule of a busy state visit in China, President Obama have the opportunity to discuss with the young generation of China in Shanghai, Monday. Apart from the young audience which numbered several hundred people, at the Museum of Science and Technology, President of the United States also had questions over the Internet.

In addition to the medium, Obama also made the Internet as a topic of conversation. Without touching the political issues, such as Tibet, Obama encourages the free internet. Freedom of information access in this as one of universal rights, along with freedom of expression and pray, also the freedom to take part in politics. All that, according to Obama, should be enjoyed by all people, including religious minorities and ethnic diversity. From the statement quoted at the beginning of this writing it appears that Obama did not explicitly ask for China's leaders to end the controls that restrict the Internet and online social networking sites in the country.

However, what he describes in general is actually also send a message to the rulers of China. Like many reported, the Government of China is still often limit the use of the internet. It was here that looks different views. For the Government of China, the use of the Internet that contains criticism is considered dangerous, while Obama thinks the Internet is free and not obstructed a source of strength, not weakness.

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