Thursday, February 25, 2010

Killer Whales Have Been Killed a Sea World Trainer

A killer whale grabbed a trainer who was on the edge of the pond. That the whale uses its jaws and carried the woman trainer in the water. The incident was a shock all the spectators who were watching that attraction. The trainer was killed instantly in front of the spectators who witnessed the action with a sense of fear. The audience poured out of the stadium SeaWorld, and part of the playground was finally closed.

Trainer Dawn Brancheau, 40 years old, at that time was rubbing Tilikum body, killer whales, with 12 thousand pounds of weight, in the afternoon show. "But suddenly pulled the whale and brought it into the water," said Head trainer Chuck Tompkins. SeaWorld officials say that the trainer was killed by drowning. A spectator who witnessed the incident, Eldon Skaggs, Brancheau said that interactions with these whales initially appeared calm and relaxed.

"But suddenly pulled the whale and took a swim," he said. The alarm finally sounded and the workers brought the spectators out of stadiums. "At the beginning of the whale did not respond to the trainer's command, even the whale is acting like a stubborn child," Skaggs added. Of the event, the trainers are prohibited to be in the water with Tilikum. Approximately 29 trainers who have at SeaWorld, only 12 trainers are working to take care Tilikum.

Brancheau is a seasoned trainer among others, her also understood the character of the whale's 30-year-old. With this event, making the third time to kill a whale trainer. SeaWorld spokeswoman said that Tilikum is the third whale to kill his trainer. The first incident taking place in England in 1991.

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  1. SeaWorld had issued contradictory reports on the Whale murder... muddy waters are benefiting the owners of the Sea World…divide opinions, put out inconsistent information, confuse and thrive…just another day at the office Im afraid.

    I am sure that SeaWorld has put bottom line before the well being of the whale, humans, trainers and anyone else who stood in the way of making profits.

    The root of the problem is deeper Im afraid. I’ve written about it on my blog.


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