Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Google and the Government of China to Discuss Peace

Google and the government of China will discuss peace issues related termination Google's operations in China. Google will urge the government of China for not doing a filter on the search results in Google. If the government of China agreed to all demands of Google, the search engine giant is not going to stop the operation Google.cn.

Google earlier said it would stop the business on its site in January 2010 after the bombardment by hackers China, through a number of Gmail accounts belonging to the human rights activists and foreign journalists in China. Some companies also suffered attacks from hackers China, and about thirty companies had been paralyzed due to a hacker attack.

Google itself is getting from the hacker attacks since mid-December. A similar problem experienced by 30 U.S. companies in China, including Adobe Systems that contribute to the target. The attack itself was carried out by using the bug hackers email through a specific software. Most piercing itself is to steal information from emails human rights activists in China.

As a result of the attack, Google plans to stop operating its search engine business units in China, they've run through Google.cn. But before, and Google will open the first Internet censorship that had been done by the government of China ordered. This event is to draw the attention of the U.S. foreign minister Hillary Clinton and the entire U.S. Internet companies operating in China almost follow in the footsteps of Google to leave.

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