Friday, June 19, 2009

New Features from Twitterfeed to Feed Blog

twitterfeedThis day, I check some of My twitter account to see the post that has happened from some blog post, this blog post I send to twitter via twitterfeed. I have been using the services of twittefeed to deliver my blog post to multiple social networks such as twitter,, laconica and HelloTxt. But what happens, I have not seen any activity from twitterfeed to send a blog post that I've updated.

This problem has been going on twitterfeed, where twitterfeed now different from before. Twitterfeed now have to update the system as well as web design and add features such as the feed name, click counts and other. Changes have been made by twitterfeed affect the performance of My twitter, where all the passwords on My twitter account has changed and consequently the system from twitterfeed can not deliver data RSS feeds to My twitter account.

To overcome this problem I have to do re-authenticate at each twitter account so twitterfeed can send posts to twitter. If you have been using twitterfeed you should re-check your account because there are some database changes that lead to you not on twitter.

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