Saturday, July 24, 2010

Global Warming Increasing Body Weight Guinea Pigs

Impact of global warming turns out not only disturb the human life course, animals also joined the global warming affected by this. One of these animals are guinea pigs. Yes, global warming caused by the heating of fat from the previous experience. From the research group of scientists in Colorado discovered that guinea pigs became more body fat because of climate change.

Warmer temperatures seem to make guinea pigs more quickly wake up from hibernation period and more eating. Guinea pigs became one of the few animals that can benefit from increasing global temperatures. However, the guinea pigs were active between four to five months a year. The existence of an extra month to make up their period increased by 20 percent. In the end, guinea pigs population becomes uncontrollable.

It also makes an extra month they are also getting more calories and make them survive longer in the dry spring. In the end, when they go into hibernation period, namely in September, had more body fat guinea pigs. Scientists noted that guinea pigs have been around 1,190 increased the average body weight of 6.8 pounds.

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