Thursday, July 22, 2010

A man Deceive Thousands of Women on Facebook

A 60-year-old man managed to fool thousands of women whom he met through the social networking Facebook. He was named Clive Worth is able to meet around 1,500 young women who met through the internet media. Most of these women feel cheated when meeting with Clive.

Of the thousands of women, 300 of whom she met through Facebook social networking media. In creating the account, other than create a false identity, Clive also use the profile photo of the model Coralie Robinson to appeal to women. "I've made a Facebook account for four times, and all have been deleted by Facebook. They argue, because social networking is not a place to meet people who are not known," said Clive.

Previously, in 2004, Clive was also part of the site He claimed to have met with at least 200 women. But unfortunately, he said that he always failed to have a relationship. In addition to the DatingDirect, he also claimed to have been 'evicted' from sites such date and and video sharing site like and Although already 60 years old, Clive will not stop the love adventures in cyberspace until the age of 80 years.

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