Wednesday, July 14, 2010

China's Military Secret Base Found in Google Maps

This time Google Maps show the ability to find hidden areas so far not known by many people. Recently, the digital maps have just discovered a mysterious area in China. Google Map to find an area of unspoiled wilderness in mainland China. Presumably the region deliberately built by China's military and has not been identified by experts.

One proof that the area was built by China's military, there is an area that is similar to a jet car park which is located at coordinates 40 ° 27'23 .66 North, 93 ° 23'7 .78 East. Cited by PC World, Wednesday (07/14/2010), the image shown by Google Maps it is shaped like a giant white line was located at coordinates 40 ° 27'4 .87 North, 93 ° 44'42 .90 East.

No comment yet from the government of China on Google Maps these findings. Including whether, the military base was built in secret. Earlier in February, Google Map service to find the wreckage of the United States military. In appearance, the location of the tomb of the plane, named The Boneyard This shows a row of planes that have been worn.

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