Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hackers at the Bamboo Curtain Affairs Alter Students Grades.

Internet users in China grew rapidly. China's versatility in utilizing the Internet population grew even more cunning. Tragically, they apply in the case of negative or illegal. Hackers at the Bamboo Curtain Affairs claim to change students' grades. The trick, they get into the university's computer system and the certification body before changing students' grades.

An online search engine in China, showing tens of hits on the services of this hacker. Hackers say they can change the value by asking the students benefit. The price offered to more than 10 thousand yuan. The price range of illegal services is dependent on the intended course and university.

In talks over the phone listed in a single site, a person who claimed to have refused to call his identity to help some students. The slogan on the website is "If you're bad in the exam, go to our hacker team." When asked if the value for the subject who failed at the University of International Business and Economics can be changed, he said it was not an issue. Hackers are also very careful and ask for the number of students before the offer price.

According to one hacker, the operation takes between one to five working days and the price for a single change in a single subject about 1,600 yuan. The man admitted his team take care of every detail of information and will sign confidentiality agreements with customers, after successfully breaking into the system and change the value. "Stay as long as an agreement to keep this secret place. If you disclose to others, your score could be a problem," said the hacker.

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