Sunday, May 24, 2009

Social Network Optimization using Twitter

Dia Adrian Syah TwitterToday I was doing optimization on My social network, where I have integrated some of the network to improve communication between different networks such as Twitter, Twitterfeed, friendfeed, digg, mixx, and so forth. This social network can interact with each other provides some information taken from My blog feed.

Social network optimization this I do to improve the reaction to My blog to be more known by friends who are in My network. Many benefits that we can take from the social network to do this in the marketing and to introduce some new products we will launch. To improve communication on the social network, you can make settings that have been provided by the network.

Interconnection between the networks will make it easier for us in distributing information on a regular basis in accordance with the settings we have to do. Now has many social networks that have been integrated and provides access to login to Twitter network. So take advantage of the Twitter network to facilitate us in making communication with friends all around the world.

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