Sunday, February 7, 2010

Record All Secret Activities Key Logger on Computer

Current development of information technology so fast, exchanging information easily we can do and not limited by time and place. Provide network access unlimited internet on children naturally worry about us, where our teenagers can communicate that may be a negative impact on themselves without realizing it. Necessary protection we give to our teenagers when they were given full access to the network with their personal computers. As parents we naturally want to know what our teenagers have to do when they're online among their friends or strangers they do not know. But you may feel worried that you can remove if you use the Stealth iBot that will help you to find and record all secret activities key logger on personal computers your teenager.

By using this tool, we can easily to find out secretly all confidential records on the computer your child as the sites they visited, passwords, sceenshots when they are online. Stealth iBot you can easily install on any personal computer your children without them know, and you only take about 5 seconds to put it. Spy tool gives you full access to view all suspicious activity or a very confidential. all computer activities your child will be recorded after the embedded Stealth iBot on operating systems, and the feeling of your concerns will be answered by looking at all the activities your child network access freely.

The function of spy tools is not only limited to the computer your children but you can use to investigate suspicious activities on your computer company employee who may have hurt your business. Another device you might need is a GPS tracking will help you to find out the location where your kids go when they leave home to play or go somewhere. GPS tracking is integrated with google earth that provides access to 240,000 locations. By using a spy tool, it is hoped you can protect your family and your business from unexpected loss.

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  1. The technology is developing so fast that i would have never imagined but i feel that it's a very nice tool to keep an eye on anyone's activities and about everything he/she does on the net.


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