Friday, August 13, 2010

Internet is More Reliable than a Friend

The Internet is a borderless world which is also the most extensive public spaces. But you are announcing, today people have more confidence to tell their secrets on the internet compared with their own friends.  From 3,000 correspondents surveyed indicated that the average adult does not think twice before entering some very personal details about himself when registering on social networking sites.

In real life most of them will not trust their friends to give your PIN number, for example. They are just to add more information about him/her on Facebook or Twitter. According to NetApp as well, with a good 86 percent caring for them and not letting the secret PIN number to friends and acquaintances, and only 5 percent of which reveal some important infornasi to those closest.

Compare with information on the Internet, more than 60 percent gave their birth date on your favorite social site. 50 percent of online users to let all visitors know the status of their relationship, with 30 percent adding a partner for all to see. Commenting on this, Paul Wooding, head of UK Public Sector for NetApp, call this irony. He went on to emphasize that it's really worrying that people have so much confidential information such as home addresses are available on their Facebook profile.

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