Friday, May 21, 2010

Cancellation Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

A cartoonist from Seattle, United States, named Molly Norris, who initiated the contest to draw cartoons of Prophet Muhammad, he now apologize to Muslims. This was done after holding a contest on Facebook who has provoked controversy and protests from Muslims around the world. "I apologize to Muslims and asked that the contest was canceled," he said. He said never thought held a contest like that. According to him, cartoons homemade first time the term "Everybody Draw Mohammed  Day" just kidding.

Norris is a cartoon makers who first mentioned the term "
Everybody Draw Mohammed Day". However, according to him, the cartoon was intended as a satire to television stations in the U.S., Comedy Central, which show one episode of censoring the cartoon show South Park because it displays the images of the Prophet Muhammad. Cancellations were related to pressure from that threaten the South Park cartoon makers. 

"I do not declare May 20 as the Day of All Persons Drawing Muhammad," he said. He also declared himself not making a page on Facebook which invites others to equally draw cartoons of Prophet Muhammad. He explained that the cartoons have been misinterpreted and manipulated others, so as even to spread hatred for Muslims. In fact, Norris stated clearly that he joined another group on Facebook who oppose the contest. However, what has become a prostitute rice porridge.  

Due to the emergence of a contest that is considered insulting Prophet Muhammad and Muslims, Facebook received criticism even blocked in Pakistan. The Indonesian government will soon send a letter to Facebook's controversial blocking those pages that are not accessible from Indonesia. Related to that, Facebook has also issued a statement that it will take action that would shut down its controversial content access from certain countries.

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