Friday, April 1, 2011

Gmail Uses Gestures

Google shows a new feature to its Gmail service. Now, Gmail users can send email by using a webcam and demonstrate the words you want to use. Gmail feature titled Motion was introduced to Google's product manager Paul McDonald through videos that can be witnessed on Gmail's official website. In the video, Paul revealed his enthusiasm for successful email delivery revolutionized.

According to Paul, the more rapid development of technology that is currently not in line with the way people send email because they still rely on "technology of the past" such as a keyboard and mouse. Google was looking for ways to change the way email delivery using body language.Sounds weird? Of course, since this is Google's way of celebrating April Fools. When accessing Gmail Motion contained on the Gmail site, you will find the words "April Fools'! Gmail Motion was not there. At least not yet ... Okay, now you can log into Gmail, or close this stupid box."

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