Thursday, March 10, 2011

3D TV LED Thin and Energy Efficient

CRT television market began to be abandoned. Television Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) got so popular. But there is one technology that deserves you the lyrics, the Light Emitting Diode (LED). Why? One reason surely is a matter of electric power consumption is much more efficient. LCD TV is more efficient than the television Chatode Ray Tube (CRT), and more efficient LED TVs are adopting more than LCD technology.

Recognizing the trend of LED technology into the future, Toshiba continues to innovate on their product lines on this one. Not only are more and save electric power, but also pay attention to design and phones to be thin so that the beautiful views. Related to the design, manufacturer country of origin of the Rising Sun is holding Jacob Jensen Design, one of Europe's leading designers of electronic products for advanced classes.

The result is an elegant WL700 series was born with a minimalist theme of glass and metal materials. Phones to be thin only 29 mm and a display that almost without bezel / frame. WL700 Series is available in two sizes, 55 inches and 46 inches. Features full High Defition (HD) produces very high contrast images with Edge LED lighting system. TV is also equipped with technology that allows for viewing 2D and 3D. He added, supported the chip typically MetaBrain Premium Toshiba, WL700 series has excellent features Resolution which uses complex algorithms to improve image quality standards to be drawing a close to HD quality for 2D or 3D format.

Edge LED backlight panel illumination levels produce dynamic contrast enhancement technology 7.000.000:1 and movement up to 200Hz. ClearScan 200 Pro allows WL700 series to make the picture bright, clean and free of movement blur. This television also features an integrated sub-woofer that produces natural sounds and vibrant with the power of 10 watts, although the thinness of the device is only 29 mm. There are four main design excellence in this WL700 series, namely his frame into a single surface with a TV screen (invisible frame), which makes the TV look standTV light and float (floating stand), the TV button soft touch, and glossy chrome ornaments are very elegant, sleek metal. The concept of collaboration Toshiba Jacob Jensen Design.

Brand owner is to assess design integrates technology and design strategies that made the Toshiba is a good step to win the hearts of consumers. This TV series has two USB terminal that supports a more diverse choice of formats, including HD DivX, JPEG, and MP3. HDMI port also supports the reception of data from the outside, an additional feature that allows the option to make an interface to the network within a home. That need to be a record, the facilities have not had antivirus protection.

WL700 series designed to help save electricity energy usage. Auto View feature to monitor the level of room lighting and then allows the TV to adjust the level of light they produce along with other image parameters simultaneously. While auto embedded signal booster to help improve the sensitivity of the receiving TV signals or Radio Frequency (RF) is weak.

Not only Toshiba who are interested in the LED market. Sharp Sharp is also demikian.Tahun target LED could provide 15 percent portion of the LCD which is capable of temporarily sold up to 24.000 units / month. One of the reliable LED products LED Aquos Sharp is Quattron. This product was applied four-color filter technology, which is yellow, red, green, and blue are able to produce natural colors such as yellow gold, blue sea, and sky blue.

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  1. Saving Energy Usage and multiple USB ports make for extra reasons to consider the LED - but it is hard to force an upgrade when the current plasma is still working so well. I know retail is moving slowly so the impetus to adopt the new technology must be strong.


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