Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mobile Data Traffic to Get a Big Leap than Voice Traffic

Shift in the use of mobile phones are now beginning to be felt throughout the world, the evidence from a survey conducted Ericsson has changed the use of these wireless communication devices. Users not only use the phone solely for the call or send short messages. Ericsson is a provider of enterprise telecommunications infrastructure network of the world, during the last two years of data traffic jumped sharply enough. The use of mobile data during these two years off of 280 percent.

Described Hans Vestberg CEO of Ericsson at the CTIA Wireless show in Las Vegas, United States, the current voice traffic only produce as much as 140 terabytes of data a month. Data traffic, of course, is greater than that, though reluctant to disclose Hans in detail. "It is the latest milestone for the mobile internet users. 4.6 billion users of mobile devices, broadband internet users reached 400 million," explained Hans.

Although not reveal the details, but the data may be an indication Ericsson telecom industry margin data traffic that was getting a big leap than voice traffic. "It's currently the voice traffic is still dominant, but that's because the data capacity already exceeds the limit. If, 4G or LTE has been adopted, then the problem can be overcome," said Hans.

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