Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Multiple Access of INTELSAT Satellite

 INTELSATSatellite INTELSAT access using the 2 methods, namely TDMA and FDMA. Time Division Multiple Access with Direct Digital Interface (TDMA / DDI), Digital Speech Interpolation (TDMA / DSI) and Digital Speech Interpolation without.

TDMA is the method used to overcome the back-off and also more flexible in sharing between the satellite to the station and channel. With TDMA, the station can be full access to the satellite transponder with a time slot, so there is no intermodulation strengthening can be maximum, and although troughput high number of multiple access.

Method Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) can be used for analog modulation (FM) or digital modulation (PSK). Location frequency used satellite Internet is the C-band and Ku-Band.

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