Saturday, March 1, 2008

Topology Network Computer

Topology network computer is a physical representation of a computer network. In some workstation computer network that will be installed to connect to other computers by using the transmission media. Therefore topology of the network computer is a physical representation of how a computer network constructions . The topology Linear is the primary computer bus topology, Star topology and Ring topology.

Linear Bus topology
Topology is the most simple topology compared with the other. This topology cable who requires only a relatively short order and wired also very simple. Besides, it is also easy to be developed. This network basically consists of several bus, which was installed in the cable together. Network topology with this damage will occur if the diagnosis difficult. In addition, the bus will bear the full burden when network traffic is very solid.

Bus topology
Star topology
Topology is often called star topology because it has a central hub. From the central hub in the form of concentrator is the server, node, or workstation connected. Contact all the tools to do it with the media transmission cable. Ordering cable also relatively easy to modify. However, this cable system with the necessary relatively higher than topology, the topology of the investment will be more expensive. Also still needed a concentrator as a central hub. One of the losses Star topology is broken when the concentrator, the network will not function properly.

Star topology

Ring topology
Topology is using techniques that shaped ring (ring). So as the circle without end, as the ring properly. With topology workstation and server is connected with a circle (ring) on a media transmission. Use cable in the topology is also relatively short, so will be cheaper. Same as Linear Bus topology, when the network is damaged it will be difficult to diagnose.

Ring topology

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