Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feedburner Account Moving to Google Account

In Year 2009 is all Feedburner account will be moved to Google and they planned to move the end date of 28 February 2009. This is one of Google's strategy to increase their business in the RSS and Feedburner engineering in full cooperation with the team engineering Google, of course make it easier for publishers to make the settings in your Google RSS with one account.

Will perform at the beginning of the transfer of this I feel worried, because this will repeat the work from the start with changing the address this Feeds. I've made the transfer of Feedburner account to My Google account and this is easily done by following the instructions provided by Feedburner and old FeedBurner feeds (at will automatically redirect traffic to new addresses on the domain.

With this change of address Feeds, My readers still continue to receive My feeds with old Feedburner address and the transfer of Feedburner account to Google, AdSense for Feeds code is not found in the Adsense account, only setup and setting Feed. After you do that Adsense for feeds will be active in after 10 minutes.

For transfer your Feedburner account to a Google account you must login to

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