Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Protect Eyes From The Sun

Glasses at this time has become part of the lifestyle community and have diverse forms, as in the jaws at the bar nose, one stem glasses and so forth. The person who first introduced the George Airy glasses is the first time using the glass lenses in the year 1827 as a correction of views.

With current technology is not only used eyeglasses to correct views, but also used to protect the eyes from sunlight and provide comfort while driving, especially in the afternoon, to avoid traffic accidents because of the reflections of the other vehicle's blind.

Several types of glasses designed to be sportswear, such as beach volleyball, racing cars, motor racing and so forth. This simple technology that is able to protect your eyes from sunlight damage, eyes comfort and eyes correction or eyes protectors, but also give the time used.

Lights on the frequency of the sun to create a condition of the blur. On some models sunglasses there are several alternatives that can be muted color of this light. Some of the research conducted by experts, know that the radiation in the ultraviolet rays (UV) can cause cataracts and eyes function such as the slowdown experienced by the elderly.

Ultraviolet emanated by the sun can damage the cornea and the eyes retina. So protect your eyes from the sun when outside the room, such as roads, sunbathing on the beach and exercise so that the eyes became calm and avoid eyes damage.

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  1. Sun glasses are a must-have!

    Regular wear of polarized sunglasses can greatly reduce the risk of sun related eye damage.


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