Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cheap Frames For My Eyes

Already 3 days ago, I experienced eyes irritation caused by the light of computer monitors and to avoid eyes damage, now I always use the eyeglasses while working in front computer. Frame glasses that I use now is less convenient to use because of the shape and size that does not match the face.

To buy the glasses that I desire in accordance with the price of a cheap, and I am looking for information prior to purchase eyeglasses and the information that I have found in an article in the New York Times. In the article it mentioned that there is a frame glasses with cheap price from $ 8. In addition to the consideration price, the glasses will also have to be purchased in accordance with the size of the face.

gold frame glassesThis is my favorite frame glasses, which has a unique shape with a layer of gold. Also there are many color choices that may be selected such as gray, green, blue and others. This eyeglasses frame made of metal alloy with a weight of 19 grams. Frame glasses are lightweight and comfortable to use and offered the price of $ 23.95.
Glasses this can be found at Zenni optical has the option of various product specs that you can use. Zenni optical warranty also provides a variety of eyeglasses are offered and also provide services after the product sold.

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