Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Celebrating a Tradition for Graduation

Graduation is the first step to enter the world of work and realize the dream to become a successful person in the career. Celebrating graduation has become a tradition for everyone to show a sense happy after successfully completing all the lessons that have been given during the school day.

Graduation Party is the event that all students be expected to express rapture because it was passed from all subjects. Planning is required when we want to make progress with the celebration a success. Determine the ideas can be selected in accordance with the school theme, such as technical school can use technology theme or themes that other, more interesting.

To celebrate this graduation, I use a simple idea to create a positive celebration to give something useful in the future. Implementation of the graduation celebrations can be carried out in our home, to save cost and time of events may take longer.

Decorating using colors of paper to look more flamboyant and color of paper is the illustration of the difference between the characters of each graduate. Celebration of this event also included a farewell party will take us to a new community of the world that is more productive workplace.

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