Friday, May 15, 2009

Strengthen Security Wordpress Blog from Hacker Attacks

Security system is necessary to protect us and it is important to consider that our data be safe from acts that could harm our blog. This incident has been experienced by those who have been using WordPress, this happens because there is rift system that can be used by hackers to breach security systems and they have successfully penetrate the security system and the database system data so that we become distracted blog.

Strengthen Security Wordpress Blog from Hacker AttacksAll the hard work we do every day will be useless if the security system we easily penetrated by hackers and blogs we become damaged due to a change made by the hacker. Security problem is important for us to implement quickly, so that we can use the website to function optimally so that all databases that do not become garbled or lost due to have been hacked.

One of the rift that security can be penetrated by hackers is a password, the password that we use is not made from a unique character, so it easily readable by software used by hackers. To avoid the password that can not be easily hacked, we can make mixing the characters will be used so that characters such as a unique example RqWsY * $ ^ (qe * #. By using the unique characters will strengthen the security system your WordPress blog.

If you often perform the replacement of the template your blog should be careful because of the possibility that the template will have used the code is entered without you realize. For those of you who are concerned with the security system your WordPress blog, you can now perform system security configuration "Lock Down" to protect your wordpress blog from hacker attacks.

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