Monday, June 29, 2009

Free Access to Live TV Broadcast via a Computer Network

Live BroadcastMichael Jackson's death made me curious to find out more why Michael Jackson dead. Since yesterday I tried to find a service that provides direct access to broadcast TV and today I have found TIKILIVE service that provides direct access to broadcast such as CNN, FOX News, Discovery Channel, FOX MEANS Business and Video On Demand.

Watching TV service via the internet using my desktop player that is made with Adobe Air installed through the website TIKILIVE, broadcast live via TIKILIVE show good pictures with sound that is clean and free of charge for your use. By using the service live shows provided by TIKILIVE do I make sense of the death of michael be reduced after watching the news via CNN.

The performance of TikiLive Player is very good, where TikiLive Player this bandwidth can be set automatically according to the speed of our internet network. To watch the live broadcast can be accessed through TIKILIVE website or on your computer desktop using TikiLive Player. Services provided by TIKILIVE may not be able to meet all your needs, but this is very good for those who want to know the news is broadcast by the CNN, FOX NEWS or the other. Are you ready to watch live TV broadcast? click here.

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