Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Enjoy Browsing using Firefox version 3.5

Firefox version 3.5Have been a few weeks ago, I was not using Firefox for browsing because it is very difficult to run a few websites that I have become a target and too long to access data. Today is My Firefox has been updated with the latest version 3.5 and now I have to use a lot of the web has become My favorite.

From the results of the trials I have been doing for the latest version of Firefox 3.5 is quite satisfactory, where the speed of data access is faster and lighter than running the previous version. Physical memory that Firefox is used 3 times larger than Google's Chrome, but the latest Firefox version 3.5 has a more performance in a maximum of the issue on the network connection is slow, as has been done by the Google Chrome I have been using.

Now I enjoy browsing using Firefox version 3.5 to support the business activities that have to do and I think Firefox is suitable for webmasters to build websites because Firefox provides many tools that can be used to support our work. I use some add on to measure and improve the performance of each My website or blog.

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