Tuesday, August 18, 2009

130 Million ID Credit Cards Stolen by Albert Gonzales

Albert Gonzales HackerFederal prosecutor public prosecutor alleges a former U.S. government informant with the alleged theft of money from the 130 million credit cards. This is the theft of credit and debit cards in the U.S. carried out by hackers. According to prosecutors, on Monday 17 August 2009, Albert Gonzalez (28 years) living in Florida has been in the infiltrate retail network by using software to steal data to users credit card and debit. Albert Gonzalez had been an informant the U.S. Secret Service, where he served as the hunter hackers. Lately he has also been known to work for the criminals with the supply important information that should have protected him.

At this time Albert Gonzalez has been in prison to await trial process. In the indictment in the state of New Jersey, Albert Gonzalez allegedly working with two other suspects who have also steal personal information. Albert Gonzalez has a name online as "soupnazi", and who have been victims of this crime is the customer network supermarket 7-Eleven,Inc., Hannaford Brothers Co,Inc., and Heartland Payment Systems, payment processors and credit card debit that is located in New Jersey has also become a target group of Albert Gonzales.

According to the indictment, Albert Gonzalez and two friends from Russia have been hacked the computer network in secret by using malware softwar. So they can steal data as much as possible, especially for the security system has weaknesses and they are easy to control. Albert Gonzalez threatened punishment to 20 years if proven guilty to the crimes he has been doing.

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