Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fined $200 for Wearing Pants

Lubna HusseinLubna Hussein was fined $200 U.S. and are exempt from punishment whip. Thus a court decision regarding the case of Sudan accused the journalist who broke the laws of politeness for wearing trousers in public places. Lubna Hussein was 40 times previously threatened punishment whip. Lubna Hussein had refused entry to the courtroom because again wearing pants and he refused to pay fines imposed on her. "It's a matter of principle", said 34-year-old woman was. She also is not afraid to jail if you are not willing to pay. "This is precisely the opportunity to study the situation in prison". Case of Lubna Hussein attracted many people from within and outside the country. Sudan applying some sharia law, which requires women to dress simply and if they are found wearing inappropriate clothing, will be fined and flogged as much as 40 times.

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