Monday, February 15, 2010

28 Pilot Whales Found Dead Stranded on Remote Beach

A total of 28 pilot whales were found dead stranded on a remote beach in southern New Zealand. Condition of whales are in pathetic condition when found. Fish are known mammals stranded on the West Coast Ruggedy, northeast of Stewart Island, New Zealand. Terdamparnya whale was found by a climber who was passing by on the beach.

Side New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC) which receives the report, rushed to the location of the discovery of a whale. However, the conservation officer who came an hour after the reports, failed to rescue the 28 big fish. When the officer found approximately nine actually see the dead, while the rest are still alive. But seeing the condition can not be saved, the conservation officer was forced to kill the other 19 whales.

According to a conservation officer, sea conditions and strong winds made it difficult to save these poor animals. "When a whale is found in a healthy condition. But conditions are very bad weather, too dangerous to try to rescue the process," said Brent Bevan conservation members. Whale Terdamparnya Stewart Island is a regular thing. Previous similar incident occurred in 2003. At that time approximately 160 stranded whales dying in the desert island.

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