Thursday, March 11, 2010

40 Percent of Malicious Websites on U.S. Servers

AVG Technologies announces the results of research that found that most websites with criminal content is hosted or server-centered in the United States of servers, not other countries like China, and the findings are far from the estimate for this.  AVG research is based on an analysis of threats reported in the last six month period from 110 million users of security products AVG LinkScanner web around the world. This study indicates an increase in the number of web sites that make the crime as a target user, who typically focus on online banking theft, credit card information, personal identity, and social site passwords.

Detection and analysis of threats based on crowd-sourced method of AVG unique to analyze a dangerous web content, and it has been reported from the extensive network of AVG LinkScanner installations around the world. AVG research found that malicious code is not only from evil servers located in countries with weak law enforcement. Monitoring of active web server that contains threats from around the world found that 44 percent of servers that have been corrupted in the United States, followed by Germany and China to the difference of five percent in each country.

Many of these sites are actually business sites that have infiltrated the hackers to load malicious content. This server is found in almost 4600 locations in the United States. Please note that this study does not mention the owner or controlling crime these servers. The people or the network could be anywhere in the world. "This really makes sense because the United States is the main target of these criminals and has a rich internet infrastructure and developing. This means that the threats were really easily accessible and cheaper for the host," said Karel Obluk, Chief Technology Officer, AVG Technologies in press releases.

Obluk continued, "What is more important to remember is, within the last six month period, approximately 50 percent of domains hosted on these servers contain only content that can be threatening for about a day or even less than that. Nature a constant threat this move makes them hard to find and is added to the system of traditional reputation-based protection at the right time.

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