Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Goldman Sachs Group Inc's will be Investigated FSA

Case Obligation collateralized debt (CDO), Goldman Sachs increasingly widened. Now turn to Goldman Sachs Group Inc's unit in London will be formally inspected the British financial regulator. British financial regulator or the Financial Services Authority (FSA) said that they would launch a formal investigation into a bank based in New York.

"After the initial investigation, the FSA has decided to launch a formal investigation into Goldman Sachs International in connection with the allegations of the SEC recently," said the FSA. FSA also said it would connect with the SEC related to the case of Goldman. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has asked the FSA to investigate the Goldman Sachs two days ago, by making the statement "moral bankruptcy".

Later, if the FSA found evidence of violations of rules, Goldman will probably be facing a fine or ban individuals. Just for the record, ban the person associated with Goldman Sachs vice president, Fabrice Tourre has offices in London, which was mentioned in the SEC claims. The FSA notes, Tourre moved to London in November 2008. Tourre, ie people who have ideas CDO issued by the subprime credit assets as the underlying asset.

Heidi Ashley, a spokesman for the FSA in a telephone interview with Bloomberg declared it was too early to make sure the investigation can continue on a criminal investigation. Meanwhile, a spokesman for Goldman Sachs in London declined to comment on.

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