Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Facebook Investor's Account Jim Brayer in Hacked

Facebook account hijacking problem was not indiscriminate, Jim Brayer's account, one of the investors' social networking service that was hacked. According to some reports, the account was hijacked someone else and used to send messages to thousands of friends Brayer. The message says, "Do you want the phone number of Facebook? See more details and RSVP" followed a link to a particular address. site reported, about 2301 accounts Brayer friend sent a message.

Facebook spokesman Larry Yu, confirmed the incident. "Jim taxable account phishing scam. This issue has been resolved and we've been trying to prevent such activities," he said. Jim Brayer's account is one of the four accounts owned by members of the board of directors and commissioners Facebook. Three other account is safe, that is owned by Mark Zuckerberg (founder and CEO), Marc Andreessen (investors), and Peter Thiel (investor).

Piracy accounts on Facebook is not a new problem and began to get serious attention. Previously, there was even the perpetrators of piracy that has taken over 1.5 million Facebook accounts traded and sold in the forum underground.

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