Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Android Targeted Low-end Mobile Phones

Andy Rubin, vice president of Engineering from Google revealed that they also will help application developers in two countries so that they can sell more applications and content for Android . Some vendors who would collaborate with Google to deliver an Android phone that is affordable Huawei Technologies and LG Electronics.  "Opportunities in the low-end market is still quite broad. See's going to happen, this is a revolution," said Andy Rubin. Android, Google today is a weapon not only in the mobile segment.

But Google sees Android could be used as new ways to achieve revenues in the mobile market is estimated at USD13,5 billion ads.  Therefore, Google has developed some support for the Android one of which is continuously developing application services. Applications in the Android Market now reached approximately 65,000 applications.

When compared with the number of applications in the AppStore is this small numbered, articles in the App Store now has approximately 200,000 applications.  "We actually had to walk according to the pattern," said Andy Rubin was referring to Gartner's analysis which predicts the Android OS will be the second largest after Nokia in 2012.

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