Monday, June 14, 2010

South Africa was Not Ready Organizes World Cup 2010

High rates of crime and theft cases to teams participating in 2010 World Cup began to worry. They also seemed to start not believing in the local police in maintaining security of personal items when abandoned when practicing or competing. Some teams began to hire private security to keep all their personal equipment. It continues to oversee security duty room of players, coaches, and officials. Thus, the team can quietly do the exercise or compete for their room will be guarded 24 hours.

Previously, cases of theft are the teams to make the World Cup participants are worried and anxious. Chamber of Greece World Cup team has entered a thief, and money from the three players missing. Soon, the thieves also entered the room Uruguay World Cup team and tackle money of 12,000 dollars. Greece and Uruguay, the team had reported to the police. However, they apparently did not get a satisfactory answer. In fact, the police even accuse their own people in the Uruguay team that conduct theft.

Now the World Cup teams in 2010 have now hired private security. This is imitating a lot of South African citizens hired private security because it is more satisfactory service and trustworthy. Security firm hired by several team claimed the World Cup in 2010. They were asked to keep an eye on 2010 World Cup team room so that no thief crashed. Officers Spy Shop, Dave Miller, said it also hired a team from Europe to oversee the 35 rooms of players and coaches.

This shows that public confidence to the international and domestic South African security forces is down. For, indeed very strange if the team room participants can take in World Cup skeleton because they always get rations superketat security. Security seems to continue to be a problem in South Africa. In fact, now the steward had already started the boycott and strike. It happened in Cape Town during the match Italy vs Paraguay.

This 2010 World Cup left a lot of problems, where South Africa is poor countries that are simply not ready for this big event, and many of the visitors who come to South Africa to suffer losses due to theft and robbery.

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