Friday, August 20, 2010

Shopping Online in the UK Increased

Shopping is done via the internet in the UK have increased over the last three years. Online shopping has increased each year as many as 18 percent in a month. This is the biggest leap since 2007. Thus the results of the survey by IMRG.

According to IMRG, too, from the results of shopping via the internet is, during the month of July alone was able to collect an average of 5 billion pounds. In addition, when compared with a year ago there was an increase of 1.1 percent. The average UK shopper spends £ 81 in July. This increase is mainly due to promotions and discounts that also increases spending.

"Although online retail sales actually survived the recession because it is more convincing, but the last two years, new online sales really is not unshakable," said Chris Webster, head of retail consulting and technology IMRG. "This is really encouraging post-crisis growth in 2007 and before the consumer confidence eroded as the financial crisis and recession," he said.

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