Friday, August 27, 2010

3 Hours of Mobile Phone Roaming Tariffs in Malaysia $1,100

Couples Singapore-shocked after seeing his phone bill swells to $1,100 after a trip to Johor in Malaysia. Though the couple only stopped at a restaurant in Johor about three hours. The bill came from the wife's mobile phone service. Her husband, Wong objected to the bill that his wife's cell phone. Billing details of data shows that the largest cost of data services to reach around $982.

"We arrived in Malaysia some time ago, around 20:00 pm local time, and we just had dinner at a restaurant. After three hours we went back to Singapore, but at the end of the month I was shocked after receiving the bill of $1,100 on roaming charges," said Wong. Wong was known to use the services of Singapore operator M1, wearing a roaming data tariff, to use data services when customers are overseas. Tariff data roaming services can include receiving and sending emails, browsing the Web, or accessing social networking features to use the phone.

"But, my wife's cell phone was in the bag just when we were in Malaysia, my wife's phone is a slider phone, and after the phone is closed, all functions should automatically switch off. There's no way she can not accidentally use data services," he said. In addition, he said, his wife also did not have the habit to use data services through mobile phones. "So it is highly unlikely," said Wong. M1 itself states have provided relief around $100, so that Wong must pay $1,000 to the charge.

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